Young children learn language naturally and unconsciously.

At the La Guarde Daycare Center, we are more than just a regular daycare, besides providing love and care to your precious little ones, we educate and shape them to be well prepared for when they move on to preschool.

Part of the curriculum here is learning English as a Second Language on a daily basis as taught by a Native English teacher.

The benefit of this is for them to be able to listen and get accustomed to the sound and rhythm of the language. Children have an innate-natural ability to language learning.

As Carol Read, an award-winning author of ABC of Teaching Children states that, “Young children who acquire language rather than consciously learn it, as older children and adults have to, are more likely to have better pronunciation and feel for the language and culture.”

With that in mind, we strive to make learning English fun and exciting for them.

To imprint a positive experience that will keep them interested even after their days at La Guarde. Some of the things we cover in class:

  • In-class activities:

– Learning with flashcards                  – Singing nursery rhymes and songs

– Reading a story book                        – Learning through play i.e puppet show

– Kids science experiments                 – Dancing to English music

  • Play-time & Games: Utilizing English during play time

– Using English to describe toys

– Teaching the importance of sharing

– How to play games; explanation of rules or instructions in English

  • Course theme: Each trimester, the children are exposed to a new theme (i.e Under the Sea, Natural Phenomenon, Discovering Science etc), which are explored through play, flashcards, songs, videos, experiments and stories


  • Vocabulary: The children are taught basic vocabulary daily such as the ones below. However, depending on the theme of the trimester, in addition, we will explore the theme more extensively and its related vocabulary.


– Greetings                 – Clothing

– Weather                  – Shapes

– Seasons                   – Colors

– Numbers                 – Body Parts

– Adjectives etc

All activities are done in such a way that always makes the class fun, loud and interactive and repetition is key at this age. Kids this age are notorious for imitating. Children can imitate pronunciation perfectly and as the children begin to pick up more of the language, eventually, the hope is that they are able to utilize the language outside of the classroom.